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Greg's desk

Meet Greg. Say Hi.

Greg’s a regular guy working hard to make it at Norm-Corp in the heart of Everytown, USA. He’s busy living his life and needs your help dealing with some of the everyday dilemmas he comes up against. What would you do in Greg’s shoes?

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Greg’s dashing for the subway. The doors are closing. There’s someone in the doorway. They aren’t moving. There’s room in the car. This could get messy. GAH! What should he do?

Stop and wait for the next train, there’s no need to hurt anyone, and anyway it won’t be long, according to the subway app.

Box out! It’s their fault after all for not having the good grace to GET OUT OF THE WAY!

Shout “Hey man, do you mind getting out of the way, I’m coming through!” and then jump past them.

The most important meal of the day...

Greg’s crushing it, he’s made good time, but he simply has to stop by his fave family-run deli for a latte and avocado toast. But someone cut in line and no one’s doing anything. What should he do?

Call out “Dude, stop being a moron and get in line” and then keep shouting until they move.

Explain calmly “I’m sure you didn’t see the line, but we were waiting here first. Gotta get that avocado toast!”

Knock over a shelf of granola bars and storm out of the shop roaring, “I’m done. Never coming back!”

Welcome to Greg's cubicle

Finally, Greg makes it to his cubicle with seconds to spare. He’s welcomed by a juicy pile of paperwork and a post-it saying “On my desk by 11. Boss” This ain’t gonna be easy. What should he do?

Knuckle down, write a plan and dive in because: “Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail” is your mantra.

Drop all the paperwork on Leslie’s desk and leave a note saying “On my desk by 10:55. Greg”.

Wait for Leslie to get to her desk and ask her if she’ll pick up some of the work.

‘Quick convo’ with the boss

The Boss calls Greg into her office and she wants to see the paperwork she asked for. She doesn’t look like she’s in a good mood. What should he do?

Pretend to have food poisoning and stagger pathetically to the bathroom.

Push back by calmly saying she asked for it by 11:00am and it’s only 10:55am.

Explain that you need a little longer to complete the work but will have it ready for her by 11:30am.

Pokemon go go go

Greg gets a text from Hank saying there’s an Articuno behind the Five Guys around the corner and he’s “Gotta Catch ‘Em All”, but his lunch break isn’t for another 30 minutes and by then it might be gone. What should he do?

Speak to The Boss and promise to get back 30 minutes early to make up the time after lunch.

Run straight out the door without even logging out. Who needs a job when there’s an Articuno.

Hold on and work until 1pm and then head out to see if the rare beast is still around.

Water Cooler Catch Up

“I can’t even!” “Scary AF!” “Daaaaamn!” are just some of the things Greg’s got to say about last night’s Stranger Things Netflix binge, but Daryl wasn’t so impressed, saying he thought it “jumped the shark”. What should he do?

Get super angry and say “Daryl, I’m gonna call you Gotye from now on - Somebody That I Used To Know!”

Ask Daryl to explain his thoughts on the show and discuss how your two views complement one another.

Tell Daryl that he’s wrong and then change the subject.

Hit the bar for happy hour

The Team have headed over to Dark ‘n’ Stormy’s Rum Bar for $5 daiquiri pitchers, but Greg’s got a date! What should he do?

Drink as much as possible before tapping your watch and running out right when it’s your turn to buy a round.

Say you can only stay for one because of your date and offer to buy the first round.

Buy your own drinks and hold back from the group before quietly sliding out when no one’s looking.

Late for your date with your Tinder match Kate

She looks nothing like her picture, but she did pick the new limited-edition street food and mini golf joint on the harbor rooftop that Greg was super excited about. What should he do?

Grab some ramen, do the first nine holes and then call it a night because you’ve “got an early meeting”.

Be awesome, have a great time, and get to know Kate.

Explain to Kate that she’s lucky you’re going to stay and spend the whole time showing her your Pokedex.

Lights out

What a day! Greg’s zonked but he’s got just enough energy to msg Kate from the date because she actually seemed pretty awesome. What should he say?

“Hey Kate, that ramen was ‘mazin. How about the comedy show next Tuesday, meet you there at 8pm?”

“U Up?”

“Hey Kate. We should go out again sometime. Hit me up.”